Help with my girlfriend?

So I have been in an intimate relationship with my girlfriend for 6 months now. Let me just start from the beginning and go from there. So my girlfriend is 2 1/2 years older than I am, but it does not really bother me at all. When I got into a relationship with her, I knew that she had some anexiety problems and depression. Both of her parents died so I can understand why she is like that. At first we were like a new couple, we always talked, laughed, went to places, ate out and just really enjoyed each others company ( we still do). She has been in bad relationships in the past, she was also sexually harassed by a coworker so that really affected her ( this was before I started dating her). I never asked her but now i think she many be bipolar.

She would get pissed off at the smallest things ever, it wasent at me first, first she told me about what would happen at work. But then maybe 3 months in the relationship it started to affect me. There was a day when I was talking with her, and I swear could not hear a single word she was saying, she probably repeated her self like 3 times but I still couldnt hear her and she just said she got annoyyed trying to repeat her self and ignored and didn't talk to me all day.

But that is not the serious. So about a month ago. We both went to a movie, and after the movie we were in the car, and I saw something was in her teeth. So I told her that there was, and that I could help her get it since she could not. She kept dening me, and I just told her okay, I won't get it. She then told me, "things like this just piss me off, when you make me feel so self consious". I didn't even know what to say because it was like nothing, at least in my mind. I would never get mad over something like this. Anyways we got to a parking lot, and she saw that I was not saying much, so she just got out of the car, and said she was walking home (like 15 miles from her house). I went after her and tried to get her to come
back, she eventually did but was just so pissed off. I ended up talking to her while I was driving and was able to calm her down, she said she was sorry she got so mad, but then told me to never make her feel self consious again.. And things like this have happened multiple times. over the dumbest things.

Now lets go to today. I go to college and come back home before lunch. So I texted her today telling her I was home and she could come over for lunch, and no one was home.
(lets go back 2 months... I have had her come over to my house a few times, for lunch, after work when ever. But my parents were never home. She has met my sisters though. She told me she was not ready to meet my parents yet and I told her I understood that. One day I told her my mom made some awesome food and she should come over, I also told her no one was home. I guess she interperated that or misunderstood that I wanted to introduce her to my mom.


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  • it's really difficult to fix things when you can't even communicate with the other person for fear that she's gonna flip on you, eventually it's gonna make you shut down and not try to fix anything. unfortunately if she doesn't get help like counseling and even psychological help, things are only gonna get worse. have a serious conversation with her and tell her exactly you feel and that you want things to work out, but you can't do it alone, and if she doesn't do anything you're gonna have to leave.

  • So she said she would pass, and it was normal for me since she has her own plans too. A week or so later I asked her the same thing and same response, she did not want to come over. We went out for dinner later that week and I just asked her why she was not wanting to come over, she told me she was not ready to meet my parents and that it freaked her out. I tried telling her I never asked her to meet my parents but she got pissed saying I was making her guilty.)

    So now today... This was our text dialog, (this is like 2 months after we had that dinner)
    ME- hey I got some food ready if you want you can stop by during your lunch. We can eat all this with your left over rice
    HER- I don't feel comfortable with that.
    ME- with me eating your rice?
    HER- going to your house
    ME- babe, its just me here
    HER- Eversince you asked me to meet your mom it kind of freaked me out and I just can't go to your house without freaking out
    ME- Alright
    HER- I can't, why can't you under stand me?
    ME- I understand you, I'd just like to have you around here sometime.
    HER- Then you shoud understand and consider my feelings. Don't pressure me or make me feel guilty because then all i want to do is push you away.

    So I understand this and have honestly never pressured her to come over, its just been such a long time since I asked and we have been together I thought she'd consider it, I guess not.

    Anyways again today, I called her in my car via bluetooth, and I swear could bearly hear her, I told her that and recalled her, same problem. She was trying to tell me how someone made her upset at work, and I could not hear her so I asked her to repeat it. After a minute or so, I guess the sound got better and all I hear her saying is, I'm tired of repeating my self over and over again, you just piss me off and get me so annoyed. I'm going to end the call, I told her to have a safedrive home and that my bluetooth was acting up, she just said, yeah right, what ever, and hangs up.

    I'm not going to list down every senerio, I really do love her and I am not abusive at all. And she always tells me that I am and how much she appriciates me and how much I mean to her. She seems very self consious about her body, I always compliment her. It just really hurts me inside to see her be upset or (pissed at me) for little things like this. Because I feel like its not me but something she has experienced in the past.


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