What does it mean when he says "your super sweet lol" text?

On a few occations through text I've either given him a compliment, or support of some kind encouraging him with what he is doing when he is not as positive as he usually is and his response is just "your super sweet lol"-what does this mean? NOTE: I am trying to win this guy over because he isn't into commitment right now but we'be been seeing eachother a lot and I was hoping for a response like "thanks, your the best! :)"


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  • Personally I see "you are super sweet" and "thanks you are the best" as pretty close to the same thing. It means he appreciates you cheering him up or supporting him and he likes that you are kind

    • Thats good, for some reason I alway feel like when people put "lol" at the end of something it means they are making it more casual or dont care as much-is this true?

    • I guess that could be true. I feel like people also use it as filler or just use it because it's like a habitual thing to do? Really it just depends on what type of texted he is. If he does it often then maybe it's just something he does not even think about

What Girls Said 1

  • Exactly what he says. He considers your efforts of complimenting and support him sweet.


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