Do guys get tired when their girlfriend can always hang out?

i see my boyfriend for maybe 3 to 5 hours every Saturday. we go to the same school but it's hard to make time other than that. I'm wondering it its a bad thing I always say yes? it is only once a week...thanks I hope that makes sense!


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  • pretty much depends on the guy, and what you tend to do with him while you're with him

    first of all

    the guy type, some just get bored, some dont, I for instance can be with my girlfriend for hours and not feel bored. To some guy that would be like ?hell no?.

    and on the second hand, what you do with him. First of all be inovative and imaginative. Usually the guy takes the lead in that, if you find that kind of a guy that is. Put a blindfold on his eyes and take him to your special place, make it romantic, but then show him some spirit and freshness in you and drag him to something wild and childish, like go on a rollercoaster with him. I am still not of your age, but I believe that if you find a guy, he will surely want to feel young again, if he feels young with you, you got a head start

    • Haha the funny thing is - I'm totally 17! thanks a lot (: I don't know how to change my age1

    • Oow, XD, well then, I am 17 as well, let me correct my answer

      well all that I said still is true, except for the part with making him feel younger.

      I think you should ask him directly what he thinks about it, it is a thing you two should try and work out by talking. Me and my girlfriend don't live very close to each other, nor do we go to same school so we pretty much try to use every bit of time we can find. So, my answer would be, knowing what he wants for now

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