Me and this girl stopped talking, but now she's playing games with me.

Me and this girl had a fling. We both liked each other and dated for a little bit and then she stopped talking to me out of the blue. She was always the 1st one to initiate conversations and so I waited about a week and then I texted her saying hey. She never responded so I did it again a week later and she replied hey, but never responded again. So I just gave up. Today she just texted me I said hey and she never responded. I know this whole situation sounds immature and sh*t. I don't know why she's playing games with me right now, but its immature and retarded. What do you think she's trying to do anyways?


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  • So your conversations goes like Hey and that's it? that's odd! why don't you try to say more things next time. Ask about how she's doing and tell her that you want to see her and you miss her.

    obviously now you want to be with her and you don't want just a fling so act on it !

    If she stopped talking to you all of a sudden perhaps you did something that was upseting her or perhaps she got fed up with waiting and she wants more.

    Call her instead of texting her, tell her that you would like to see her, but if she does agree to see you, don't jump on her and dump.. just be there and be sweet to her, she'll know that you like her.

    I would honestly just advise you to communicate with her, just talk to her about how you feel, whateve rit is and see heow she reacts.. don't just say HEY and expect her to write a novel for you.

    • Ok. So I'll just hey I missed talking to you. Would that be creepy?

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    • Try harder I guess... next step is to go out on a nice date and tell her how you feel!

    • Yeah sounds good. I was thinking the same thing.

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