Does my boyfriend only like me for sex?

Been dating my bed for about two months. In the beginning he made all the plans for dates and asked me a lot of questions about me. I met most of his friends and he always wants to spend time with me. Lately though I feel like he's not making as much an effort to plan things. We mostly just hang out watch tv sometimes we go skiing. But I find he always wants to have sex like multiple times in a night. I noticed he has not asked me too many questions like my dreams passion and future plans in a few weeks. Does he only like me for the sex? I jokingly asked him and he said there's lots of things he likes about me. But why won't he try to get to know me on a deeper level? Or is that normal in the beginning?


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  • My guess is no, but he's also settled into what -for him- is a comfortable relationship mode.

    Don't cut back on the sex, do make an effort to increase the things you'd like more.


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  • Sounds like just a F*k buddy, since he's not asking about your day, making plans to go out and do things.


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