I know my freind likes me and I like him A LOT but I keep pushing him away and I dont know why!!! any advice?

I've liked this guy for a really long time we've been friends for a couple years but he moved away. when he came home we got super close and spent a lot of time together but i kinda started to push him away. i know he's still interested because we still see eachother and talk every now and then. I dont know why i keep puching him away or how to show him that i do like him and im not just trying to play games. beacuse im not trying to, i just dont know why i keep doing it when i want him so bad. any advice? what can i do to show him i do like him and i do care? what can i do to stop pushing him away?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Good lord woman get yourself together and either give him a strong hint you like him back or even better tell him some way.
    I never understand why women do this.

    • i swear im not doing it on purpose!! i just bitch out and can't make myself do it.

What Girls Said 1

  • I sometimes push the guys I like away too, very odd but I just do that, I'm the kind of person to always analyze my behaviour but I can't find the reason of this one. Sorry but I really can't help you on this matter😇


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