Should I make my move on her?

Ever since second semester of college began back in January I have been enthralled by one of my classmates from English. I was nervous in the first day of class walking in as it is normal being around new people, but a group project helped ease tension. From that day I noticed that my soon to be friend took interest in me as we would always hang out in between breaks on the days we had class together. Second day of class we exchanged in small talk as I'm trying to get to know more about her. As she has to go to class I asked could we talk later; no problem as she handed out her number to me and walked away. As the weeks passed after talking I know that she often has to drive far to get to the university, she has more old fashioned values (she doesn't care about material things or money and she does not care about social media), she is down to earth, funny, smart, really pretty, and fun to talk to. As of today I can confirm that we are comfortable around each other (which is a good sign). I pay attention to body language as she smiles around me, she is attentive, she always comes to me for information that she may have missed about class, and she has dressed to get my attention. We text and call pretty often and in person she laughs at my jokes, she blushes from time to time, and she overall enjoys my company. I complement her on her looks and personality and she does the same. Earlier today I told her this, "You know, you're different in a good way and I like different, I like that you want something positive out of life instead of many women nowadays in our area." She did a mixture of smiling/blushing/giggling and told me "You're funny, you know." I have thought about calling her over spring break and just talking to her more as I want to work on communication. My thoughts overall about her is that I really like her because of her personality and her goals and I can vision a future with her.

So what should I do next?


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  • well if everything is fine, you both flirt, she likes you, you like her it seems to be working out then ask her out, tell her you want to get grab a bite or get some ice cream and invite her to join you, then move up from there.

  • Make the move even if it is the wrong move then just explain you got mixed signals and apologize for it.
    I suggest to "test the water" by touching her hair/head/neck. People generally don't allow people they don't like to touch them there. If she lets you then you are good to go and see how far you can go with her, only up to kiss for the first time. A kiss is good enough to show you are interested in her and to see if she is interested back. It is also a harmless enough action to be able to back out if she doesn't like you that way. In fact I don't even think she will let you kiss her if she doesn't like you that way.


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