Guys (non Indian), have you ever dated an Indian girl?

So I saw some posts about black girls asking why it's unacceptable to date them. And many guys mentioned they constantly hear crude remarks from friends, their parents would not tolerate such a relationship, people stare... etc, therefore it's not worth it.

I'm not black but am Indian (from India). I have never dated a white person before, but there's a guy in my class who likes me and I like him as well. I certainly would not prefer being serious with someone who has friends making disgusting remarks about my race/ethnicity, or with parents disliking me due to my ethnicity, etc...

Does this happen often? Your responses will be a deal breaker for me as far as continuing to date him or not.


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  • To answer your first question, yes I have. I am white. It was actually her parents that had the issue with my ethnicity, once they figured out we were more than friends her parents stopped letting her see me outside of school (this was way back in high school) as they wanted her to marry a boy from India. Sadly I haven't been with a girl from India since as I currently go to a college which is very much white and kids from around the local city, but the graduate school that I am attending in the fall will change all of that as it is a very diverse place!

    As far as what you mentioned happening, it can happen. It just really depends on where you are, what kind of an environment you are in. None of my friends or family would have an issue with me being with someone from India or any other country for that matter. Certain towns can be very "whitewashed" in the sense that there is very little cultural, let alone ethnic or national diversity in any given area. This can cause some ignorance. The same could be said for any area dominated by one culture or ethnicity. You will either be exotic due to your differences or you will be disliked. Your best bet to find someone is to be in an area that has lots of diversity that interacts within itself and not just in self isolated pockets.

    Then again it is all about personal choice. Even if my entire family didn't want me with anyone but a white girl from America, they would be in for a rude awakening. Hope that was helpful!


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  • You seem intelligent, and you are certainly attractive... those are the starters to initiating a relationship.'

    Butt of ethnic jokes from friends? No, absolutely not... I can't imagine my friends doing that, and they wouldn't be my friends if you did.

    If you find someone who seems right for you, and the feeling is mutual, I think you should feel free to date... if there are problems to work out (and I really hope you are overstating it), then you'll can work them out together.

    [This reminds me of "Shades of Ray"!]

  • I love my Indian neighbors. How does your mom feel about you dating?

    • They used to be super strict about dating back when I was in high school, but now they don't care. Plus I'm away in college, so they don't know what's going on in my life.

      Oh by the way, my parents aren't the super strict type anymore either. I'm sure they'd prefer I end up with an Indian guy due to cultural similarties, but they give me the freedom to choose.

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    • Yes, I'm Texas-American :). I'm about as white as it gets (pictures in profile.) My fiancee wasn't arranged, but If my mother could have did the choosing she would have chose Liz. We've known each other all of our lives; our families are very good friends. Our children will be the "blood tie" between our families. A lot of very old traditions have survived generation to generation in my family. I have a lot of respect for this tradition. It's survived because It works. It's effective.

    • Wow that's amazing. That kind of hits home to my culture. Although, my parents aren't AS traditional as most Indian parents, the family values are still very strong.

      Good luck to you and your fiancee :) I'm sure you guys will have beautiful children.

  • I think guys will be more concerned about dealing with your parents (if they are traditional Indians...)

    • As I said below. They're not traditional Indians. Much much more evolved than the typical FOB.

    • Well then I wouldn't have a problem... I don't know why anyone else would...

    • I meant your friends. If you re-read my original question, it's asking guys who have gone through a relationship and what others' reaction to it was. You may not have a problem, doesn't mean I wouldn't be the butt of ethnic jokes from your friends.

  • I would love to, I find Indian women extremely attractive. You especially.


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