People heavily flirt with my girlfriend and she kind of flirts back, what should I do?

My girlfriend and I are both models. Unlike me, she has people flirting with her all the time. (I mean she even has fans and stalkers.) The difference between us is that when it does happen to me, I give the person the cold shoulder. But when it happens to my girlfriend she gets super friendly with them. She even starts flirting back.

When I've brought this up to other people they've said said it's just insecurity. Which isn't true. And I'm 99% sure it's just an act to help her seem nicer and peek people's interest. But even with it being an act it makes me feel uncomfortable that 20 year old guys come up to her, or message her on social media (she's 15 btw) and say, "Hey you look like you're 18 or 19 and you're super pretty. Let's talk some more." and then she says stuff like, "Thank you so much! *3 heart emoji's and 1 blushing face* I'm younger than that. But let's be friends." Even that is pretty low on the spectrum in comparison to some things.

I've had to ask her not to post upskirt pictures and other innapropriate things too, and when I did she said that all models do it (even though she not 30 minutes prior asked me not to post a picture of me in a tank top.) and that I should be okay with it. We fought about this and other things like it a lot. Now I'm scared to ask her not to flirt with other people too because I think it will lead to a fight.

What can I do? I'm really depressed about it right now.


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  • Why is she flirting back.. that is the real issue. Sure you can get in the guys face and say, " that's my girl, you got a problem"? But if she's flirting with them it's her fault not the guys.


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