Random People.. Random Relationships?

A friend of mine just met this person the other day, next thing we know his Facebook says he's 'in a relationship' with her and the constant chummy posts with her named tagged appear..

Ultimately my question is how does this happen with some people, how can they fall head over heads for someone they don't know at all?

(An attempt to better understand some of the people in my life and their relationships)


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  • Some people are just creeps and/or really, really needy and/or desperate for a relationship


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  • Physical attraction. It kind of creepy that he says he's "in a relationship" with her. I'm getting a stalker vibe, I'd be careful.

    • Odd you'd say that as she's incredibly unattractive, and after the tenth post it was hard not to notice his new, whatever she is

    • Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we were only attracted to the same people their wouldn't be any civilization... only a lot of blue balls.;-P

    • I wish I could show you a picture as I can almost guarantee you'd agree with me, but I just can't bring myself to post her photo

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