Is it normal to feel nothing?

So I like this guy, and we don't hang out this often. I know I like him A LOT. I have never dated anybody before so I don't know what it's supposed to be like. When I'm around him I don't get butterflies. I look into his eyes, no butterflies. It all just feels neautral to me. Am I supposed to feel this way? We don't hang out this much so I thought since I'm not used to being around him it would happen. And I k ow for sure that I really like him. So why don't I feel anything? I also have depression so do you think that could affect it?


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  • It's okay if you don't get butterflies, butterflies is just another word for nerves. You may be totally comfortable around him, and that's totally okay!

  • Maybe you don't like him as much as you think you do.

    • I know for sure that I really like him though. I do get tongue tied around him and a little nervous but I don't get that feeling of butterflies and.. That weird feeling in the chest. You know?

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