How do I tell if I was rejected?

So I asked a guy friend to get dinner next Wednesday or Thursday. When I asked, he said that we will see and had stopped making eye contact and turned red and then continued working, so I left it alone and returned to my assignment. I then asked him about two days ago what his response was and he wouldn't look at me and just mumbled and shook his head. Yesterday and today we were talking just fine like usual, so I don't know if he was just nervous or if I got rejected? I'm getting mixed signals since after I ask him he is embarassed but acts as usual the next day.


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  • I use to work on the railroad as a freight train conductor. One of the rules is that if we see a signal and it is not displayed clearly we assume it is showing the most restrictive or negative signal. Ask him one more time and if he doesn't give you a clear answer then assume he is giving you the most restrictive answer possible which is no!

  • Ask him if everything is OK - maybe you'll get a better sense of it?

    • What do you mean by asking him if he's okay?

    • Something like: "Hey I enjoyed us spending time together, want to do again sometime?"

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