Two dates, let's be friends, disagreement, no response. Confused?

I met a guy online- hit it off really well. Cute text messages throughout the day, etc. we went on two dates. He had to cancel the second date because he was sick. We rescheduled the second date right before Valentine's Day. It was hard for me to be open with him and affectionate (hand holding, etc) because I could tell something was off. Both dates ended with a kiss, but at the end of the second date, said "thanks for coming." About a week later, he texts me saying that he would like to continue to be friends. He's working at an engineering firm and the project he was working on was getting increasingly more stressful (I can attest as he spent a ton of time at work- talking about work, etc). He told me that he wouldn't have time to devote to me based on how the project is going. That I can understand because things did start falling about, but still was there for him when he needed to talk etc. I even asked if he actually wanted to be friends or if this was it to which he replied, that I was a fun person and would love to hang out with me as a friend. I had mentioned going to an event together before he wanted to be friends. I asked him again after he said he wanted to be friends and asked about making reservations at a local italian restaraunt (since it'd be busy). Didn't respond until 2 days before the event. He said he was going with some coworkers and maybe he'd see me there. I felt disrespected so I texted him a really harsh text and asked him to be honest with me. I felt bad about it because it was harsh, so I texted him the next morning asking to talk because I felt bad. I called and left a message the next day because I realized I made a mistake. I see him at the event- I'm fairly certain he sees me but keeps looking forward not saying anything. It stung when I saw him. By the time I said hi he was already in the crowd. I texted him saying that I saw him and that he didn't hear me say hi. This all made me feel so bad. Almost a week no response. Help
Do I try reaching out a little or give more space?
And I'm that person that takes awhile to get to know and open up. I really like the dude and would like to get the opportunity to get to know him better.

Valentines Day

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  • He is definitely not into you. I know you want answers and closure. You can call him, tell him you had a lot of fun on the two dates that you have been on and politely ask what went wrong between the two of you?

  • Sounds like he just is not that into you. If he liked you, he would make a point to see you


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Valentines Day