How Should I react to her instantly becoming distant?

Im 18years old, Never had a girlfriend, im a virgin, so im basicly a rookie at dating. there's this girl I have been seing for a little over a month, We really connected well with eachother and I fell for her. Until 1week ago, she was basicly chasing me and I was giving the attention back. it was clear that she liked me, She would text me all the time, mostly first aswell. We would hangout about 2-3x a week. She flirted with me a lot, made jokes of sleeping in same bed, not going to go too much in boring details but even with my little experience, It was clear she liked me. So about 8days ago she came over, we watched a movie cuddleing in bed and I was holding her hand. She was really close and I think i messed up, I should of kissed her, could of even went farther, im sure she was down but like I said i didn't. So she went home that night and texted me before bed saying she had a good time with hearts. But the next day is basicly when the games started. Since that day she has been ignoring some of my texts. Not all, she still would text me but it seems like the texts that she doesn't wanna answer, she just ignores. Last Sunday I was supost to go to her soccer game but then the day of, I texted her about it, and she ignored. After that I got pretty sad so I decided to not text her for 3days but she didn't either... Then when I texted her 2days ago after 3days, We talked like nothing happened. People tell me to not chase her and act needy because its not attractive but I dont know what to do, I really like her, I've been depressed in last few days. Like I said its my mistake, yes she did make me believe we were close to a relationship but I shouldn't get attach and depend on her to be happy. But now I really dont know what to do, I feel the need to ask her whats going on, but I dont wanna seem weak. Its driving me crazy and I need advice. We haven't hanged-out in over a week and I miss her and wanna know what happened. Sorry about how long this is, any advice is appreciated


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  • Tell her how you feel like she's been ignoring you. I'd do it in person. Maybe there's a reason or she just didn't think it bothered you. It's always best to be honest. Also, anytime there is a chance when you could kiss her, just do it.


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  • This is gonna sound REALLY cheesy but seriously, do what your heart tells you. I'm in the same boat with you in terms of experience, I would go to her in person and either just kiss her or talk to her about what you told all of us

    • Exactly, its so hard to ignore her on purpose, I do feel like I missed my chance by not making a move but at this point I got nothing to lose I think, I gotta let her know how I feel.

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