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I REALLY like this girl and care about her. I try to help her however I can, and try to look out for her. She became flirty with me, and so I became flirty back. We got really close, but when I went to ask her out, found out she has been hanging out with some other guy. All her friends keep asking if they are "official", but she says no, and she doesn't like him as much as he likes her (I'm pretty sure they will date though, as they still hang out). She still flirts with me, and seems interested, but then other times she right out ignores me. When I tried to distance myself, she messged me more. Now, I find her constantly staring at me, and when I'm with other girls (other girl friends), she seems to stare at me especially more (and then seems upset about it). She waves at me in the halls, especially when she's walking with this guy. Now, she seems interested, but her and him also seem like a package deal. I don't know, if this is a way to make me jealous or jsut coincidental but any ideas?


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  • She's keeping you on the hook. If things don't end up right with the other guy, she's gonna go for you. That's why she pulls you back when you seem to distance yourself, but if you get close, she pushes you away. She's trying to keep a certain distance, not too close, not too far, so if she fails with the other guy, she can quickly go for you.

    Be careful. She's playing you. You better distance yourself, and if she messages you, just ignore her, or act disinterested. Let her know she can't play you, or you're gonna end up bad.


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