Prom with a friend, yay or nay?

General question for all of you.

If you are close friends with this girl for a while now and talk a good amount, is it ok to ask her to prom casually without doing anything big?

Is there a lower chance of being rejected by a friend since it's just going as friends and nothing more?



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  • She better know that you just wanna go as friends. And you better know if she has a crush on someone, and waiting for them to ask, you don't wanna stop her from going with that guy, or get rejected because she's waiting for that guy.

    Besides that, I think it's ok to go with a friend to prom. In my country we don't go as couples, we just go all together as friends (though prom isn't exactly the same).

  • I went with a friend. Best experience I could've asked for.


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