I have a crush. WHAT DO I DO?

Okay this is my first crush, and it's probably the most awkward person to like! So the awkwardness starts: He is my best friend's brother, AND He's MY brother's best friend.

I don't know for sure if I have a crush on him (haven't had a crush before so I have nothing to compare it to). But he is very tall and he's three years older so I don't even know if he would like me or not. I don't know why but my best friend is joking around saying I like him (I Didn't even tell her? How does she know?) like a few days ago. We were playing a game and in that game we got married (I would say the name of the game but I don't know if it's allowed). Anyways I was like: "WAIT.. Who did you marry? :O ", she replied saying she married her dog, and that she knows who I married (in the game of course) and said "you married (insert my crush, her brother's name)" and I was acting like I didn't like him saying stuff like; "NOOOoo!" And "I'm gonna punch your face" (now that I think about it, that probably gave it away to her xD). Now to the real question.. What exactly do I do? Never liked someone before.. Should I tell my bestie? Or would she tell her brother? I don't know.

(Also we're homeschooled and tomboys {as in screw gossip, dresses, dolls, make up. Let's play in the mud, catch frogs and have fun} we're very close so I probably can trust her with this secret).

Sorry it's so long and probably grammatically incorrect, but I'm a kid. What can you expect?


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  • If I was you I would just keep your crush to yourself. It could ruin your friendship with your friend If you tried to go after her brother. And honestly he would probably be weirded out dating someone so young. Crushes end just wait it out it will be over soon :)


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