How often should you talk to a person you like?

So I'm seeing this great guy. We've known eachother ten years and have started to take it further into dating. We go out and have a good time, always guaranteed. He's fun and says nice things and could be potentially serious But- he's doing a masters degree right now and I'm working and studying, so we try to see eachother as often as we can. I think in the mean time we should still check in everyday- not a full blown conversation but at least to say hi how are you? He will do this, but only to keep me happy. He says he prefers to talk to my face. But at the moment we barely see eachother so I think contact is important in the mean time Please help! How often should you be talking? What's normal nowadays? Not had this issue before


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  • Every day, as I only talk to interesting people, but don't be clingy as thats a turn off. Also stop relying on texting.


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  • Sounds to me like there may be love there. It's a wonderful feel isn't it? If you wanna check in with someone everyday (yes, even something so simple as asking how are you) that defiantly means there are feelings there. So, if this rings true for you, what's the harm in doing so?


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