Is there something wrong with me?

I've been extremely annoyed with my boyfriend lately. I honestly have no perfect reason as to why. I'll ask if he wants to watch a movie with me and he'll say yes. He'll log off his video game and ask what movie I want to watch. I asked him to pick but he insisted that I pick. So I picked a movie and he said he didn't feel like watching it and told me to pick another one because he already watched it with his friends. I have no idea why... but I kind of just flipped. I didn't want to pick another one so I told him to leave me alone. After a while I calmed down and apologized. Then later at night I asked to watch a movie and he said no. But then later he asked if I wanted to watch something and told me to pick. So I picked a movie and talked for half an hour, then he decided he wanted to go to bed instead. He apologized and I know he's tired, but I seriously cannot help but get annoyed. He does this sometimes and everytime I'm just extremely annoyed. I know I have to chill out but I just had to get it out there. Thanks for reading.


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  • Fuck you being chilled. This piece of shit is only telling you to pick so he can bitch about it. Tell this fucker I want to have a talk with him. And he isn't going to like how I "talk" to his game playing ass

    • What do I say to him? What do I do?

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    • Honey, I'm on your side. You don't have to take his shit. Half the population is male. He isn't the ONLY. His shit stinks I don't care what he's made you believe. You're better than this and you can do much better. You don't have to get in a discussion just leave. He wants you to leave anyway.

    • He's said things like he doesn't know what he'll do without me. I've tried breaking up with him a couple of times, but he just kept saying that he'd change. Which he has... So I just feel bad for him.

      Do I just say "I'm leaving you." and just go and not give him a chance to talk? I think that might work for me... but I'd feel guilty? I really just want to not talk to him at all and just leave it at that... but that would be a bitch move...

  • I have the feeling he annoys you in general? Or is movies the only thing? He may not be right for you or you him.

    • It's only when he does that is when I'm annoyed with him

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