Why can't guys be upfront and honest about what they want?

My ex and I broke up at 6 months mark but he neve really break up with me as he kept dating me and doing me favors. The only different is no title and sex.

He told me he is still conflicting within and wants me but not ready for relationship.

Today he he added my friend on Facebook my friend told me he's been on tinder. As soon as he found out her and I are friends he unfriended her.

I told him it's really hurtful to find out - I'm not looking is just a lie. And that my friend told me everything.

He he responded and say he only just started looking this week and simply out of curiosity about what's out there. He still should have said something and he is sorry.

My friend said he's been there for way longer than a week. I told him my friend said you've been there for way longer than this. He is now free to explore and I'm free from his lies.

I I wish he was honest about he is looking. Cos that's the reason I'm still dating him even he broke up with me
We kept dating so we 've been dating for 9 months...


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  • Sounds he wanted someone to keep him company while he looked for someone else. I would just leave this guy and not talk to him again.

    • He was too coward to reply as well. He tried to lie and say I'm just looking this week out of cuirosity. he couldn;t admit to talking to my friend a month ago. He now learnt from his lesson. He changed friend list, tagged photo, family member to private. So his new prey won't be able to see waht's going on.

      He is not unfriending me and he didn't respond when i called him out on his i just started this week lie.

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    • To be honest... if you take him back he will probably just get better at lying to you and make you feel worse later.

    • Yea I dont think I will take him back unless his issue is addressed. I'm only curious about men's behavior now.. why he ignored my text at the ened? is that because he knows he can't throw me more lies?

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  • I'm surprised you kept dating him despite him being dishonest but I think he's not being honest and saying what he wants because he doesn't actually know what he wants. It seems like he's unsure of whether he wants to be in a relationship or actively look for fun/dating/anything on tinder

    • No I only just find out he is on tinder.

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    • Lol yes you should! It's good your friend saw, and even better that she let you know. Imagine if she didn't! You would have spent £ on a guy that doesn't deserve it or you. I hope you find someone in the future that knows what he wants. Wish you the best Hun

    • I actually have to admit I noticed the friending first. so I asked my friend how they met and explain to her the situation. then she told me its from tinder she already closed the account and he added her.

      Thats; right I won't spend a dime on a hoe like him. even if he hasn't slept with anyone this is still cheating. also i suspect he's been sleeping with someone as he said I've been doing this at work cos I haven't been getting regular sex. .. if he is like what he said he could have said I haven't been getting sex..

      Thanks girl

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  • This guy is a coward, he is unsure of his decision about the break up hence lying and stringing you along in case if he regrets it.

    Good for you to call him out on his lies. It's all about you now, enjoy your freedom!

    • He did say he is conflicting inside. he should have said what is he conflicting about. I don't want someone that I can't trust. I'm done with him.

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    • I wish I find out earlier

    • Better now than never.

  • Well shame on you for staying. This is what I want. I want to fall in love and have a woman fall in love with me mutually and us marry and ride off in the sunset and live happily ever after. I'm not joking. Now how's that for honesty and bluntness? Are you game? Or are you playing games yourself?

    • Wtf are you on about? I'm not staying anymore. Read it before you embarrass yourself old man

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    • Wouldn't be the first time and probably won't be the last. I've never posted anything anonymous and hid like a coward like you

    • You should get off GAG and go get some anger management counselling. You don't deserve the guru title.

  • I've done exactly the same when I've wanted a fall back sex option while I hunt for better.

    I don't want to be an arse, but the reason he's treating you like this is because he can.

    • I'm not sleeping with him. So I'm not a sex option. He is on tinder. that's a place for casual sex. it's not a site for relationship

  • Why can't girls? lol


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