Girls, if a guy were to approach you and try to start talking to you, what would you want him to say to make him not sound like he's a creep?

Basically how can you get the point across I like you rather than straight up saying your beautiful and I really like you date me? I'm super uber shy by the way


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  • Well, It really depends on the situation. But I think the best way to have a conversation with anyone, is to start talking about normal and boring stuff. (For example, talk about weather.) After this you should probably talk about yourself. Talk about your interests and just tell about your day. I don't know if you know this girl already but I think this would be a great way to get to know someone. If you talk about yourself first it might make you seem more reliable. If you immediately start asking questions about the girl, she may even feel scared. Think about it, some random person comes up to you and starts to ask personal questions. It probably feels kinda overwhelming and pushy. Also, if she starts to tell about herself, you should listen. After you two are comfortable around each other you should ask her out. You shouldn't be too scared. Girls don't bite after all :)
    Good luck with your girl!

    (Sorry for my grammar mistakes. I'm from Finland.)

  • It really depends on the situation, i. e. if it someone you've never seen before or if it is someone you don't know but have seen around (ie. on your way to work/college). If it's someone you don't know but see around and they've noticed you too, smile at them, say hi, take things from there, maybe say you've noticed her around (if you get the impression that she has noticed you too otherwise that might sound creepy) ask if she works/studies around the area and that you do too, tell her your name, make small talk, if you're feeling confident tell her you'd like to get to know her better and ask if she wants to join you for a coffee or drink sometime. If it's a complete random girl you've never seen before, I'm not sure how I would feel if a guy I'd never seen before approached me out of the blue, just don't approach from behind as you may startle her, and only approach if you make eye contact, smile, say hi, ask her if she's knows any good coffee shops / bars / stores nearby, you'd need to judge whether she seems open to continuining conversation, she may be in a rush and on her way somewhere so it's probably better to say you need to get going but that she seems nice and would like to get to know her ask her if you can take her for a drink / coffee sometime... good luck


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