How can I get this guy to date me?

We connect on so many levels. We hang out and do a lot of things together. But all he wants is sex with me. He sleeps with other girls too but he's says sex with me is the best.
I have feelings for him. I want us to be in a relationship.


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  • You need to talk to him and tell him how you feel. Let him know you want to be respected and if he can't accept a real relashionship and sex with just you, then he can have the other girls but he can't have you. Tell him your not playing the games anymore. He may get upset but that will tell you if he really like you or just wants sex.


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  • First thing... he likely tells all the other girls sex is best with them too... it keeps everyone happy including himself.

    I think you can probably do much better than a player. Think of it this way... even if you did get him to agree to a relationship, most likely he would be out doing his rounds the entire time you are seeing him. That's fine if you are willing to put up with it, or perhaps you are the same way, I don't know and try not to judge.

    However. why would you settle for someone like that? When most likely he is just going to end up breaking your heart?


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