Why would a guy you are dating not tell you his birthday is in two days?

I'm seeing a guy. We been dating for almost two months. So, his birthday is in two days and we made plans to see each other on Saturday. But, on Sunday he says he has plans but we can meet up for a little while. But, he hasn't told me it's because it's his birthday. So, he doesn't know I know. So, I am curious to way he wouldn't share that info?


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  • he might all ready have plans with other people. but i would think he would at least tell you

    • Exactly, I understand that and would respect that. I gave him every opportunity to tell me. But, he won't.

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    • I am. My feelings are no longer in it. Now, my eyes are wide open.

    • good for you. i hope everything works out for you in the end

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  • He probably doesn't want you to make a big deal out of it.

  • Personally, my birthday does not mean much to me so this could be a factor.
    You could also ask him why he did not tell you because you sure were interested!

  • To some a birthday is not a big deal.


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