Im so sad and confused about this girl?

Im so sad and confused about this girl?

So I met this girl online and we talked for a few months before meeting up. We hit off instantly, and we met up for a few more dates aftwards. Everything was going great, except I was pretty busy at times and so the dates were 2-3 weeks apart, yeah long I know. I'm actually kinda inexperienced with girls and dating, despite being 19, cause I was shy when I was younger. So on the 4th date I finally got the guts to kiss her but she rejected it. After that date, she stopped texting me as much as she used to. Eventually I realized she was talking to some guy on facebook. I ended up asking her if she wanted to keep dating cause I felt I was just being strung along at that point. To my surprise, she goes off about how she didn't think we were dating and how she thought we just "friends who went on like dates" . 2 weeks later that guy she was talking became her boyfriend :( . I just don't get it, I thought we were dating. We flirted, held hands, and there touching too (not sexual I guess but still). I even gave a kiss on the cheek on the 3rd date. Even before we went out for the first time she actually asked me out by saying "let's date :)" . I even payed for all the dates so I don't know I mean am I wrong about all of this. I'm just so confused about what happened. Some ideas would help. This whole thing has made so sad cause I feel like she was perfect...


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  • I am not very experienced in these things, but it sounds like you are incredibly in love with her.

    You should talk to her. Tell her everything you wrote down here and ask if she could be honest about the situation.

    This feeling (I've experienced a similar situation once before) is going to last longer and get worse the more you think about these unanswered questions so I think you should try to forget her and move on and look for a girl that does not simply "trow you away" like this.
    It may feel like a better girl does not exist because you are in love but trust me, you will meet a new girl!


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