LDR: get some life back into our conversations?

We use to be fun, muck around & talk about random stuff but since we have moved distance I feel like all our conversations are depressing or me looking for reassurance that he likes me. Help?


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  • I'm currently in the military and my fiancĂ© and I have been long distance for nearly two years now while living (at closest) a 4 hour flight apart.

    We text throughout the day- just normal conversation. If we think of something we'd want to discuss and just text about it. We ask Skype for 1-1.5 hours a night, longer on weekends. Sometimes we talk, just share stupid thoughts and how our days have been. If we don't have much to say we watch Netflix together, or read aloud to each other.

    You just need to be open. You need to share when you're unhappy with the situation, and offer solutions to fix it. And you need to put as much energy in as you want out. I find the sillier or more engaged I am, the more he has to respond to. And sometimes it's okay to just not talk very much. It's okay to have nothing to say.

    Find an online game to play together, find a show to watch together, find books to read to each other. It feels strained because it's long distance but really it's the same dynamic as if you lived together. Sometimes you don't talk very much, or want alone time.

    Whatever the case you need to talk with HIM about this. We can't fix anything. Only the two of you can.

  • Communicate this to him.


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