Girls, Girls (24 and under please) Can a guy who's bald (shaved to the skin) and slender be physically attractive to you?

LOOKS factor only here, I shave my head and have for awhile now, I have to from a condition that affected my scalp, now I do pull off bald well facially and head shape wise but I am very slender, I work out and run a lot so while I do have gone I don't really have muscle mass.

anyway like I said can a slender guy with a shaved bald head still attract you all purely on a physical level if he has other good features?

be 100% honest, no feel good answers.
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  • No, to me that's a turn off itd be hard to get past so young.
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  • Results for girls 27+ (just want peers opinions)
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I want to make it clear this is not anything to do with personality, if you simply seen a guy on the street like this would you be able to find him attractive otherwise or not.
A guy can do nothing about no hair


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  • Honestly I can't tell you whether or not i'm up for it. The bald guys i have seen were never in their 20's. Though I wouldn't rule you out if you have attractive features. Such as, your eyes or cheekbones.

    • I mean shaved bald, which did you vote out of curiosity

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    • Oh, i'd be open to it 😊

    • I hoped that I really helped and you're not just trying to close your question 😉

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What Girls Said 6

  • lol this post made me giggle, how can you be excluding older girls? and the answer is NO!

    • Because I'm only 20, and no to what that he can be attractive?

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    • And honestly I wouldn't date a girl more than 4 years older. Not that it'd matter as your 26 and still don't like bald.

    • Wait which did you vote then?

  • Yes it can be very attractive if the guy has a very good personality

  • I personally prefer hair but if your face pulls off being bald then why not!

  • If they're bald by choice, and can still grow hair if they want to, then I would find them attractive. People stop being attractive when they're fat, or if their hair starts falling out from old age.

    • Um what if they shaved it bald but had still lost it? Like me personally I lost my hair very young to a condition so I just shave the thin stuff that's left, would that bother you?

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    • Would that be a problem?

    • No. I'm okay with that.

  • Can he be attractive? Yeah sure if he has a good body and Nice face.
    But it's far from being my preference.

    • Which did you vote?

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    • Look we all have deal breakers, I would never date a girl who didn't have a very attractive face and was very skinny, pudge and plain are deal breakers so I have very high standards I wouldn't change either.

      But despite you being minded saying he can be attractive otherwise you wouldn't date a guy who shaved his head even if he pulled it off?
      There's a pic just to prove I don't look half bad bald at least.

    • Or if you think I don't pull it off it's fine just give me your honest opinion I won't be mad.

  • Nah, I don't find bald men attractive at all.

    • That's your opinion but a bald guy shouldn't be expected to lower his standards either just because he has no hair.

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    • No I didn't mean that, I just meant that's fine, but some have acted like bald is a turn off to most young girls and should lower his standards, just pissed me off as I have high standards on girls I'd never lower. Somebody already tweaked me in the question so I was just reading too much into what you said.

    • Alright then.

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