Help after first date?

I just had my first date. Trying to go on another but our schedules are so tight it's tuff getting a day that we are both free.

Mower went to dinner. After ward she sent me a text thanking me and said she had a good time. We've been texting back and fourth. Is it to soon to send a flirty message like this " good morning. How's the prettiest girl doing".

What at should I do?


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  • Don't do that! It's way too soon.


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  • Stop txting so much. Use the phone to set dates and y'all can talk in person.

    • So don't text saying good morning? I usually just send her a morning text since she's at work

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    • I would try to see her before she leaves. Of course don't tell her that's why you want to see her.

    • Thanks for the help

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