Did I scare her off?

I sent out a group text to some people I know yesterday saying I had free tickets to something Saturday and asking if anyone wanted to go.

One girl replied saying she might be able to make it, so let her know if I don't give them to anyone else.

I like this girl and texted her right after saying I hope she could make it. That was yesterday and she didn't reply to that text.

Then I texted her like two hours ago saying I still had them and asked if she wanted to go.

She hasn't replied so I worry maybe I scared her off by seeming to eager for her to come. I guess she might be trying to figure out if she can make it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Do not contact her again.


What Guys Said 1

  • Your over thinking it. Don't contact her again (for any reason). See if she contacts you and then go from there.

    Don't give this subject any more thought. Just chalk it up as am experience and don't make the same mistake twice (with any girl).


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