Should I text him again? or is it too soon?

so I met this guy at a dance two nights ago, towards the end of the night I was dancing with my friend tori, and it was pretty crowded and this guy who had actually left with our group was standing right behind me, as the seconds past he inched closer and closer to me, (still talking to his friend) and suddenly his hand was on me, and then all of a sudden I discover I'm completely grinding on him, a friend of his turned around and said whoa and I laughed and stopped and he said "aww you ruined the moment," then a slow song played and he asked me to dance, then he asked for my number and took a picture with me on his phone. he told me to text him, so I did when I got home so that he had my number, and he seemed interested in talking (he sent long messages) but the next day he didn't text me, so I went for it and texted him, and the convo was great he even said he wanted to hang out again! but I had to kinda bring it up so I'm confused if he even actually likes me for anything besides my dancing then he said he had to go and stopped texting, haven't heard anything from him since then but I can't stop thinking about him, should I text him AGAIN or wait til tomorrow, or just wait for him to text me. I'm SO confused HELP ME!


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  • Sounds like you guys have great chemistry. :)

    He definitely likes your dance moves, from the sound of it; as for whether or not he likes you, personally, that's difficult to say without knowing what you guys talked about and how the conversation went, but this could go either of two ways, really. He may only be looking for a booty call; but then, on the other hand, maybe he's sincerely interested.

    I've always hated the waiting game when it comes to situations like this. If you want to text the guy, go ahead! Worst he can do is not reply; and if he's put off by a measly little text message, he'd have flown the coop over something else just as trivial anyway, so it's not like you'd have missed out on an awesome chance to maybe hook up with him. My advice: Text him, see if he responds; if he does, set up a date and take it from there.

    Best of luck!

  • Critical time: wait for him to text you. If it's been 3 days, text him again just to make sure he's still interested. If he doesn't text you back, he lost interest.

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