Honestly no bs?

we we're 19 and seniors at a hs. We dated that whole year. We never had sex since she said she was a virgin and wants to wait. Sadly we graduated and left to college which meant breaking up. She moved 300 miles away and i stayed in our hometown. We'd still talk here and there but as friends. I'd see her upload pics of her partying, dirty dancing with dudes etc. A year later she decides she wants to move back home. She then moved back and on her first day back she invited me for lunch. We hungout and i was dying to ask if she dated/slept around and so i asked if she dated? and she said "NOTHING SERIOUS". I told her the truth that i dated/slept with a girl she dislikes. She started talking smack like "So just one girl huh that was it"? I then asked how far she got in her dates and she wouldn't answer it instead she'd walk faster and roll her eyes back everytime i asked. After this lunch date she dumped me/ said she doesn't want to hear from me again.

you think she slept around or no? i mean she could have admitted it after i did & she did dumped me so i don't think so. ...


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  • There is a huge possibility that she has.. though why do you care so much?


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  • Nobody wants to be interrogated like that on a date. Why is it so important to you?


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