Is this girl interested in me?

I've become friendly with this girl recently and we get on really well. We laugh and can chat fairly easily. Everytime I see her she always smile and waves like she's pleased to see me. My friend is dating her sister and he told me that I should go for it. Her sister then started talking to me at parties about her, asking if I had a crush on her. She said that I should also go for it because she talks about me and says stuff like 'he asked me to walk to class today it was so cute'. She says that she hasn't admitted she likes me but her sister sees us together. Sometimes she completely blanks me and she never necessarily looks for me, I always have to look for her. What fo you think?


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  • Yes, I think that girl has a thing for you since she seems to enjoy spending time with you.

  • Go for it. Sounds like she's interested.


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