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I really like and care about her, but I don't know what she sees me as. She teases, jokes flirts, stares at me, etc, but at the same time, she talks about another guy and hangs out with him. I was bugging people to get me this little thing, and she actually went out and bought it for me. I told her she was the best girl in the world, her eyes light up, and she blushed. However, her and another guy still "hang out", but she says they aren't dating. Her friends keep asking when they will be official though. Her friends also seem to be staring at me and laughing, but it could be coincidental. Some times I feel like she ignores all my texts, SC etc, other times she spams me until the night ends. She brings up prom, and so forth, but I don't know if she's just telling me as a friend. I usually message her first, so should I just take a step back, and test to see if she comes to me?
If I didn't give enough info, please feel free to ask.


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  • A girl can like 2 or more guys at the same time. It does sound like she likes you. What does she say when she talks about this other guy? Maybe the other guy is her best guy friend, most girls have them. When you say prom, does she asks who your going with, or what your gonna be wearing? Ask her who she hopes to go with/who she's gonna ask.
    Take a small step back, text her twice a week, or even once. See if she texts you first.

    • Well, she just texted me since I didn't text her this morning. As for prom, she keeps talking about promposals, and needing to find a date. As for the guy, its really confusing tbh. I see the two of them together, but then she tells me they aren't dating. However, her friends keep asking are they official yet and yada yada. Are they dating, has he asked you out again (she rejected him the first time he asked her out), you should inv him to go yada yada. She told me she doesn't like him as much as he likes her and thats unfair for him. However, since I sort of told her I cared about her, I haven't seen her or this guy together around lately at all, but it could be coincidental.

    • You should ask her to prom!
      If he keeps asking her out, and she keeps rejecting him, she probably likes someone else. Her friends maybe just think that they would be a cute couple together.

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  • I'd say take a step back and see what happens.

    • She randomly texted me first, even while she was at work, just to tell me something. So I don't know

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