Would you tell your partner that you are not on s long term secure relationship with about minor things like uti and a yeast infection?

I had every test in the world done since I felt awful and I am in a new relationship for just a couple months of hanging out that leads to sex. I am sure we are only sleeping with each other and if we want to sleep with someone else we gotta talk about that or stop hanging out. It is our deal well I had all the tests done just to make sure mostly that he didn't give me something. I know myself. Well I got my results I am fine but a bladder infection and mild yeast infection. I was told I don't have to discuss it with him. I did though. I was like if you notice anything it would not be serious you could straighten it out with a pill and it is not a sexual disease so don't panic. I like to be 100% open and honest but I may have had a totally unnecessary convo that will give me a stigma for bring dirty. He was like "are u serious?" I told him I wanted him to be able to trust me. He said he felt fine. I said he most likely would be fine. That I was told I don't have to share it. But I did.


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  • If you're sleeping together then yes he has a right to know.


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  • I wouldn't have said a word. Guys don't understand things like UTI. Yeast infection just requires a day or two of meds and you shouldn't have sex because he *could * possibly catch it although it's harmless. I wouldn't have shared, he may be freaked out now. I imagine his Google fingers are exhausted right about now, lol.