How not to be boring in a relationship of 7 months?

Boyfriend of 7 months and I had a dispute over how he thinks i am.. in his words "you a no plain white wall that doesn't do shit/," He says im the opposite of clingy.. "Umm if you think you are clingy then you aren't you are the opposite from that," I on the other hand for sure think, I kinda am clingy seeing him everyday, asking to go over, and stuff. I figured out Yeah I should text him more, and leave my phone alone when im with him," be more out there, but how does one, guy want someone to fix, the " you a no plain white wall," ? How should I keep this relationship from being i guess you can say boring? or what not, I mean i post more pictures of him on my media than he does of me.


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  • the shit we say when we're angry...

    this dude is an asshole. i hate... i absolutely despise it when a guy is so stupid not to know that after awhile of being with a woman, u just don't say shit to her like that. a relationship takes 2 people. if he considers you boring, then i wonder why he didn't think that 7 months ago when he asked u out.

    no one becomes boring in 7 months, especially when they're putting in effort to keep the flame alive. this guy is clearly not in tune with you, and until he is, I'm sorry but it's going to work.

    • Thank you so much! Yeah that's is what my friends said about him. They totally was like if he knew that months ago, why not just end it there or at least tell me about. not just after 7 months blame something on me that, I didn't know thats what he was thinking. I ended it with him so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

    • Exactly. Sorry u had to go through that, but good on u for ending it. U deserve better. ❤️
      Thanks for mh

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  • You should do new exciting things together. Ask him about his fantasies, go together to a place you've never been before etc.


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