Am I being naive?

19 and we used to be seniors at a hs. Dated a whole year. We never had sex since she said she was a virgin and wanted to wait. Sadly we graduated and left to college which meant breaking up. She moved 300 miles away and i stayed in our hometown. We'd still talk here and there but as friends. I'd see her upload pics of her partying, dirty dancing with dudes, drinking etc. A year later she decides she wants to move back home. She then moved back and on her first day back she invited me out for lunch. We hungout and i was DYING to ask if she dated/slept around and so i asked if she dated? and she said "NOTHING SERIOUS". I told her the truth that i dated/slept with a girl she dislikes. She started talking smack like "So just one girl huh that was it"? I then asked how far she got in her dates and she wouldn't answer it instead she'd walk faster and roll her eyes back everytime i asked. After this lunch date she dumped me/ said she doesn't want to hear from me again.

Moral of the story you think she slept around or no? i mean she could have admitted it after i did & she did dumped me after this so i don't think so.


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  • She most likely did
    A woman's sexual past is quickly becoming their greatest secrets if they've jumped on the cock carousel

    If she didn't sleep around, she wouldn't keep that away from you.

    Even if she didn't, that type of stuff she uploads would be a dealbreaker. It's one thing to do, but it's worse to make that shit public


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