What does it mean when your boyfriend posts about every little thing about his life on facebook?

I've been very busy with my nursing career lately and have just been focusing on work.

My boyfriend, who usually never posts updates on facebook, is boasting and bragging about what he is doing and how he's feeling.

We text and hang out weekly, but I'm thinking is he self centered or is my attention not enough? Starting to think he is a little ignorant and self absorbed with himself.

Ain't nobody got time for that... :/


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  • unfortunately its the way things are these days. i hate social media with a passion and deleted my facebook account last year. I can't stand how self obsessed people are these days.

    my girlfriend at the time was obsessed with it and she would post updates every 30mins. she cooked a meal, there was an update. she went for a walk, there was an update. she farted, there was an update.

    everything we did together was posted on facebook and I got sick of it.

    anyway, the point of my little rant is that its just how most people are these days. sad, but true.


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  • My guess is that it's a combination of slight narcissism and having an uneventful life. People who have the time to sit around or reach for a mobile device and record the most basic events of their day typically live boring, uneventful lives. OR maybe he's been feeling lonely and wants to come off as confident and cool so that his FB friends will be more inclined to reach out and chill or sumptn.


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  • self centered hahaa


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