Is this a player to you?

Okay, so one of my very good friends called a guy who has been showing much interest in her lately (staring at her, calling her his girlfriend, smiling at her, smirking at her, etc...). Now, this guy gave her his number and they text once in a while, but when she called him, he said, "Hello" and when she replied with, "Hi, how are you?" He hung up! Then, I took initiative and texted this guy myself, asking him why he hung up on her, and he said that he never ever liked her and never ever will. Is this a player to you?


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  • Hard to say. He might have been quite nervous to talk to her. However, the fact that he hung up on her is sort of... umm rude.


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  • Yes, what goes around comes around. Karma will take care of him.

  • yup.


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