Did she just lead me on?

She flirted with me, talked to me all the time etc. We walk to classes, have tons of inside jokes, she hints a prom all the time, etc. She texts me first, we talk all day, its just felt good. I finally had the balls though to make a move. I don't see her for a couple of days, so I HAD to text her to ask her out (she also hates calling). I asked her if she wanted to see this movie, she had told me she really wanted to see it. She read the message and didn't reply. So, now if feel sort of like shit, but I don't know. Should I message her again, or just leave it be?


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  • leave it be. wait a day. girls always need time to think and sometimes a lot of time. either she really busy right now or she freaking out on that you asked her.

    • I asked her one more time against my better judgement. She sent me back "Sorry idk! Im out atm tryna not to use my data." Is that bad or good?

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    • Alright, thanks a ton. Your gonna get MHO by the way haha

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  • She probably sees you as a really good friend and doesn't want anything more than that. Maybe she does like you, didn't expect you to finally have the balls, and just is like in a "whoa" phase.


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  • I really don't think she led you on. Maybe just give it a bit more time?


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