Was this guy a psychopath or just an abuser?

i recently met a guy online- He was super cool and nice. We actually had good conversation he was respectful etc. He came to my house and we talked until 4am. We talked about everything. He didn't cut me off treat me badly etc. He did try to hug me and i sideways hugged him since im not a hugger.. He wanted to hang out today. He came to pick me up. We began chatting and as i would talk he was BOLDLY cut me off--constantly and he talked really loud non-stop. It got really irritating and weird. He constantly cut me off and was being a jerk. He was acting weird too. Like i'd ask him a question and he would just STARE at me oddly--then answer it in 10 seconds- like he had other things on his mind or who knows what. It was strange. He did say that we could go to his place and get high. Finally, we were driving to a bowling alley- i went with him but in my head I thought- this guy is acting weird, maybe i shouldn't. in the car i told him many times- he was talkign way too loud. he still talked loud. like he was trying incessantly to dominate me.

when we got to the bowling alley either he was walking too fast ahead of me, OR, he walked way too close to me- to where i kind of moved away cuz he was in my space too much.. I was starting to feel uncomfortable and weird. But I still stuck through- as we were starting to bowl suddenly he came and almost invasively cornered me--again WAY too much in my space.. it was crazy-. as he handed me a beer again he was almost jumping at me. Then he commented on it- made excuses how he cudnt hear. all bs. Finally he said Lets end this, he got a refund and was taking me home. He wouldn't let me talk unless he wanted to. He said LETS NOT ARGUE about this. he then said i had weird space issues. he wants a relationship. i said its a 2nd date.. and he's getting in my space too much. I was scared too as this weirdo is driving me home.. he dominated the crap out of me was nuts. He just wanted to almost abuse me and made me feel bad..
he went on and on about how most dates end with a 'kiss' and he wants affection--i said we just met last night? i was too scared to say anything- he was acting angry and weird- he scared me sort of. I said getting in someones space is just being disrespectful. The way he acted was like crazy.. i mean nuts. he said YOU won't EVEN WALK NEXT TO ME? i said u kept walking into me or walking ahead of me.. like he was projecting his crap onto me.. it was scary
he was also REALLY angry as he was driving me home.. as if he was so offended.. but he wasn't- he was acting like a psycho towards me and not respecting my space at all. I said if someone told me i was in their space, i'd be like oh hey im sorry and not do it. worse the way he cut me off--just wanted to dominate me.. a psychopath or he was angry.. it was scary almost.. i duno what kind of freak he was... but it shook me up...


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  • Move away, change your contact details, anything you like, but don't ever be alone with him.

    • i won't be but... what is he in your opinion...

    • will anyone here answer the question or i guess not want to help women in abusive situations out.. lame

    • Hi,
      He is a control freak. In a relationship situation, he would most likely become violent, if you asserted yourself, I was married to one for 40yrs. so I know.

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  • You seem to dislike hugging, intense eye contact, being in close proximity to your date and a guy speaking clearly? Most people would call those signs of interest. Nothing of what you described suggests he is a psychopath in any way, assertive man maybe. Possibly the wrong type of guy for you?

    • i like hugging a guy im dating or getting to know but not on a 2nd date. And this guy was acting like a creep.. the way he was acting wasn't normal so he def has issues.. he wasn't assertive just aggressive and scary

    • Okay, that's fine if he was scaring you then there's nothing more to discuss. I just think you need a lot more than this to label someone a psychopath or abuser, those are pretty damn strong descriptions. I hope your next online dating experience is better :-).

    • he acted like a psychopath- i was scared riding in his car- it was stupid of me not to get an uber but i also had a kitten who was outside when we left, and i was scared what if i got a bad uber driver or who knows. the guy was messed up and potential dangerous

  • Don't get involved with this guy... very scary...


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  • Why would take someone you don't know to your house? Who knows what the hell he might do because he knows where you stay. I don't think he is an abuser. Abusers tend to act like gentleman for a few months or so get you to warm up to them before they start actually abuse. I say he is just fucking dumb ass stoner. Who is probably doing more than weed. Buy some pepper spray.

  • well if i was you i would go go get him off your mind for a couple of days and go spend the night at your friends house or have a girls night out just do anything to get him off your mind because he sounds like a real creep and im sorry this if happening to you

    • oh yeah he is weird and creepy.. but how creepy do u think he is? is he a psychopath or just an abuser.. im a little concerned

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