What would all you girls want?

So we had our first date a week ago. We've been texting back and forth but haven't talk on the phone. Do you think I should call her? Girls what would you prefer. Guys what do you do? Any help would be great!


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  • Depends on the girl. I think you should go for it and call. If I was into a guy, I would be quite happy.
    I do not know how she feels about you: Would a call make or break things? Do you have something in particular to ask? Are you more comfortable with texting? I know some guys get super nervous when talking to a girl (as opposed to text). So as a tip, not to talk the whole time about yourself. (I knew a guy who was so nervous trying to impress a girl that he never asked a question back).

    • Thanks. I'm not to big on talking on the phone. But I really like this girl so I would do anything to keep her. I'm trying to find a second date. So I'll call and ask her how her weekend was out of town and then maybe ask her to go out this week

    • Sounds good. Good luck :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Man up and ring her. Texting is ok, but in excess it will tell her you are not that interested in a relationship.


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