Why do some act like dating is a formality and just go with whatever, not going for someone they find attractive?

I mean some literally look at an attractive person and settle for a plain person (to them) yeah it's easier but how is that worth it?

hell to me I'm no stud, honestly I'd say I'm a 6 at best, and I have to shave my head from a condition since I was 19 but I pull it off well, and despite all that and girls who mock bald I still only go for what's 'out of my league' because that's what I'm attracted to, to me a girl has to be slender and have a very beautiful face to be attractive, not to be a number guy but about a 7 is the lowest I'd date, has it been hard? Yes, has it been worth it? Yes, see I'm not saying one thing is attractive to all (however I do believe one size fits most) I just mean it's about continuing to go for what you find very attractive physically until one says yes and it works out, settling is not worth it and honestly I'll keep going for it until it works out permanently with one slender beautiful girl who I can hold a conversation with, or I end up alone. To me there is no in between.


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  • Come on! Typically speaking, people settle all the damn time, what you're describing is not very realistic. Almost everyone settles out of fear of being alone.

    • I fear settling far more than being alone. If I can't look at her and Hearn for her physically, I won't date her as it's not worth it. It's not special its average. I do nothing halfway so maybe others settle but I never will.

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