I'm obsessed & infatuated with a guy I am having continuous sex with, but I just met a new guy who I also am beginning to really like? Can I see both?

Meh, JUST when I thought my life would settle down before getting more complicated... it switches up on me.
since New Years I have been hanging out& hooking up with a dude who goes to another college about 50 miles away. We see each other whenever we are free but he has a very busy schedule with sports and travels many weekends, so it's been every few weeks. I caught feelings, he never does & said he isn't looking for more with anyone. Yet, I am the only girl he has had sex with multiple times (before he just did one nighters here and there). He promised me he wouldn't have sex with other girls while we are having sex buuuut I caught him doing sketchy behavior that may or may not be true. He has disappointed me continuously, has strung me along and fed me lines, and could possibly be hooking up with other girls. He also could be telling me the truth and that I "am the only one he is seeing, he doesn't hang out with any other girls, he has me and I'm a 10/10, etc" It's been up/down, one minute I'm done and beyond hurt bc I see him talking with other girls, he makes it "okay," then I crawl back. I'm addicted to him. I've completely fallen for this guy.

Today I met a guy at my college who is super nice and super into me as a person... Maybe he's stringing me along for sex, who knows, but he genuinely seems like a good dude. He's trying to get to know me as a person too. I really am diggin him. Yet I am sooo hung up and obsessed with this other guy who only contacts me when it's convenient for him.

What do I do? Can I see both until I reach a conclusion?


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  • How you deal with both of them is up to you. There is nothing wrong or immoral to see both at the same time, as long as you don't claim to be exclusive to either of them. Sooner or later you'll have to make a choice, when you make a choice however, make sure to stick to it.

    • Okay, thank you :) do I need to be open with them and tell them or can I just keep it to myself for now?

    • nah I'd keep it to myself until I am ready to make a move or if one asks for exclusivity.

  • Yes you can have open relationships as long as the guys are ok with that.

  • Just have a 3some. Heck, invite another 3some and have an orgy on the roof of the science building.

    • That's too many d's... I'd rather have a 3some with another chick tbh

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