What should I do about this guy who is interested but doesn't get his act together (college)?

So he hit on me at school, just approached me and told me I was cute. Spoke for a while and he asked for my number. Said he wanted to take me out so we could get to know each other and see where it would take us. I am a freshman and he is a junior. Well he did text etc. He asked to hangout but I already had plans so we decided another time it would be. And then today, he texted me but it was kind of last minute. He wanted to take me out to dinner at a sushi place near his neighborhood. He lives in the valley and i live in the city. He wanted me to drive all the way to his side. I asked if he could find a place closer. And then he was like actually, let's do it another day. What do yout thursday's look like?" Honestly, beyond pissed because he always ends up telling me another day since he isn't willing to drive to pick me up. I just responded, "Ok. Not sure yet. I'll let you know." I am actually considering not even texting him and having him do the chasing. Because often times when we text he takes so long to respond


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  • Pro tip: the reason he won't go far from his neighbourhood is that he wants to be within walking distance of his apartment so that, after he feeds you 5 vodka cokes, he can take you home and fuck the living shit out of you.


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  • This comes down to ''how much are you interested in him really?''

    If I was you, I'd let it drop, but if you really like to guy, go for it, drive up and meet up with him and you'll see how it goes.

    • Should i just not text him and let him text me to see if he is that interested

  • It sounds like you both were unavailable once. You for already having plans and him for not wanting to meet somewhere closer. Maybe try once more...


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