Girls would you date a guy who weighed only about 140 lbs and was very slender?

I just want to clarify I'm not some pencil neck I do work out and fit my frame, just that my parents were both slim people and in hyperbolic basically meaning outside of steroids gaining mass isn't possible as my metabolism is and will be 3 times that of a normal person.

It's technically a disorder but whatever, anyway I do have tone I'm 5'9 and my waist line is 28 inches and I run a lot, I love jogging so I'm in very good shape actually.

  • Sorry that's too skinny for me...
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  • I wouldn't mind a guy being very slim it can be attractive
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Like I said I fit my frame I'm not lanky really docs even say I have good muscle mass for my size.


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  • Skinner guys tend to have big cocks

    • I don't feel like sharing my dimensions but it's not small ;)

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  • I might but I prefer muscly guys or at least average build

    • See the thing is I do work out and doctors even said for my skeletal frame on very toned, it's just that my frame itself is small, 5'9 and my waist is 28 inches, I literally order jeans from Amazon from Great Britain because they have that size given the weight problem isn't so well large there.

      So I don't look spindely if that's what you think.

  • Gonna be honest - not for me...

    • We all have preferences and you're polite in your posts I understand.

    • Did you vote A then? I realized I put the answers worded weirdly

    • Oh, yeah, I voted A. =)
      Good news - I'm in the minority. xD

  • Love love love love love skinny guys, especially when their tummys are squishy, I just think that they're a lot cuter.


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  • yeah a lot of girls like the lanky look on guys

    • I mean I don't look lanky at all really I fit my frame well it's just my bone structure hell my waist is 28 inches docs even say I have good muscle mass for my frame

    • well yeah they like that too.