To date or not to date?

I have been off the dating scene since a few months now, as after a few dates, I realized that I am not ready to enter a serious relationship (just got divorced after 2 years separation with my ex. Got the courts papers recently, yeah :D ). Since my marriage ended I am in the process of figuring myself out and still haven't found out what I want to do with the rest of my life yet. However, while I am still working on myself, I feel a bit bored and lonely nowadays;

Do you think it would be allright to date again if I was upfront about the fact that I am only looking for new friendships or casual dating? I really enjoy meeting new people but don't want to waste anybody's time either. DO people still date for fun or do single girls are all looking for prince charming now?


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  • I did it, and I even mentioned it on my profile so as to be up front with people and let them know I wasn't ready to rush into anything. However, I DID unexpectedly meet someone amazing and now been seeing him for 5 weeks haha and I'm not so sure if it was right to do it, but it feels right and I think if you were at risk of it going too fast with anyone if you were to meet a woman, then you could talk about it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't know until you're actually in the situation. I loved to be on my own and rediscover my old self and interests etc but also the guy is literally amazeballs and unlike anyone I've met so I'm rolling with it and it's helped me to forget all about my ex :)

    • yeah I hear ya. I just want to meet new people really and hang out a bit. I have friends but they are all busy with their families, raising kids, etc. Guess I'll give it a try...:)

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  • Nah. Work on yourself first. Don't date just because it feels unusal to be alone and you feel lonely/bored. You need to be comfortable with being single and alone. You also need to work on yourself. Don't use dating as a crutch.


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