How to let her know that you no longer want to see here because you don't want her to break your heart?

I'm dating this girl for almost 2 months, and I feel that she might be dating other guys when she says she would never do that. She has kids and I know that she is busy, but she alway fine time to see each other before. I have meet her kids, and she still won't let me see her at her house because she's busy. Last two weeks she's been acting wired by not able to see me, and when we talk she seems less affectionate towards me now. How do I tell her that I dont want to see her any more because I dont want to get my heart broken?


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  • Just stop talking to her that much. She will get it.


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  • I'm kind of in a similar situation.

    If you are honest with her, it will be morally good. But it will also make you seem weak.


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