After the second date and still don't know each other's age nor last name... is this normal?

After the second date with a guy I met at a party, we still don't know each other's age nor last name. It wasn't intentional but it just happened that those subject didn't occur to us. First date was dinner plus one drink at a bar. Second date was dinner and he invited me over to his place. We played games and watched a movie. Little bit of cuddling but nothing else. No kissing either. I just realized I don't know his age and last name, so does he. We talk a lot about all sorts of things including his family, where he's from, what he does etc and vice versa but never came to find out his/my pretty critical personal information. Starting to worry if he's really interested in me...


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  • Weird situation but there's still hope.

    Look his address or his phone number up on the internet.

    Then you could ask him if he has social media. Let's say he has a facebook. Then you could say I can't find you. Ask him to spell out his whole name. Or you could ask him to search for you if you still can't find him


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  • I don't consider that abnormal.


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