Why isn't he talking to me?

my crush is shy. one week we talk and flirt, and the next we don't...and the cycle repeats. why is this? I mean I know he likes me, but why does he keep doing this? men. are. so. complex.


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  • Are you sure he is shy or is this what you've deduced?

    -He may like you so much that he is afraid of over-talking...that is, he doesn't want to seem desperate and remains aloof instead...kind of like a rebel.

    -He may not be a big talker (like me). Just because he doesn't talk doesn't mean you are not in his thoughts.

    -He may have other girls he spends time with...are you two together as boyfriend/girlfriend or dating or are you still trying to figure that out?

    -He may have a job that takes up much of his time...schoolwork, volunteer work, family time and so on...

    I can go on and on...the best thing is: if you want him to talk to you more often then talk to him about it. Bring it up gently, ask him why you are not communicating regularly

  • everythign the guy said above

    and also

    He might not be interested

    Or might have persoanl issue holding him back


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