He knowingly stood me up and don't seem to care?

We met online and known him for 3 years and NEVER met and been trying to for so long but always unsuccessful. He lives in Bronx and I lived in Atl but now I live in Md. Anyway fast forward to now, last week we were planning on meeting on Saturday In. Times square to hang out because he works on the weekdays and my mother was gonna take me there to see him but got sick so I had to cancel the date until next week and he agreed.

So the following Monday, I texted him asking him if he was still available to hang out on Saturday and he was.

So yesterday morning 9:00, I texed him again asking if he can still hang out because I haven't heard from him all week long and texted me back at 11:00 saying that he doesn't know claiming he was arrested and that he was just getting his things from jail.

And I told him that I was on my way there which is a 3 hour drive from where Iive and he told me that he has to go to work to get some hours and that he gets out at 5:00 and I said that's a good time because I had to go to a hotel to get ready and he said ok.

I arrived at the hotel around 3:00 and took a shower got dressed and texed him letting him know that I'm in NJ and to let me know when he's ready to meet up and he said ok. He texted me back and asked me if I'm gonna meet with him in NYC and I said yes and asked me what I wanted to do when when meet up and I told him anything he wanted to do and he said ok. I waited about 45 mins and texed him again and he said he's not ready yet.

An hour later, I texed him again letting him know that I'm in Times square and no response. I finally called him and no answer.

Another hour later, no sign of him. He texed me back saying how he's so sorry claiming that he passed out at his brother's house and then he came home and took a shower and no explanation. So I said goodnight and no response and haven't heard from him sense. I'm so pissed off and hurt he did this.



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  • He ghosted you from his first message.
    " he was arrested and that he was just getting his things from jail."
    Forget the guy and move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • CATFISHED!!! He's not who he says he is and you shouldn't try meeting this weirdo. Tell him he's wasting your time and that you don't want shit to do with him. I know it might seem mean but he brought it on himself by bringing you into his little game. If you haven't video chatted with him then he's fake. He's probably a girl. Who knows.


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  • The sad truth is he just isn't interested and is too much a pussy to say so


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  • I've seen something pretty similar to this on Catfish so are you sure you weren't catfished by this dude? Either way, he doesn't seem interested in you and you're wasting your time on him.


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