Is it bad that my boyfriend and I have completely different food tastes?

So my boyfriend is an extremely picky food eater. His pallet is basically limited to cheese pizza, fries, some vietnamese food, dry cereal, and mac n cheese (which was to use a specific pasta shape, not any other pasta type). At first I didn't mind this much because I thought it wasn't that bad and I'm a picky eater too but he's to a level I have not seen before. We went to a restaurant before and he order the spaghetti bolognaise but he only likes it with marinara sauce so he asked for no meat. If there's one thing he doesn't like on the dish, he will ask for everything to be removed basically. He's not even that willing to try new foods tho I suppose he's trying to make a bit more effort now but it's just really bad.

I convinced him to try sushi once and he tried it... only to make this face of a scrunched up nose as tho he was being tortured and proceeded to spit it out. It reminded me of a little child and it bothered me that it was such a small piece and he just spits it out. Same with when we went to try Korean BBQ. He doesn't really like meat.

So I guess this is my biggest issue. I feel as tho I cannot go out to eat my favorite foods with him because there's nothing for him to eat and he's not that willing to eat it (tho he says he will try but knowing him it'll be like torture). I love eating meat especially KBBQ, anything japanese food especially sushi (I eat this basically every weekend), Chinese food and dim sum, and at least I'm willing to try out foods. But all of those he doesn't like and he's not THAT willing to try. We've been together for 6 months now and it really didn't bother me in the beginning and it wasn't that prevelant since we're long distance. But in the past few months we've been visiting more and I feel we just eat the same stuff every time because he is so limited and now it's been slightly bothering me more and more. I don't know what to do about this becaus


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  • How does this guy survive? Being that picky is unhealthy.

    Its your decision as what you want to do but i would never date a person like that.
    I love all kinds of food. 🍏🍎🍐🍒🍌🍞🍓🍗🍤🍳🍕🌭🍟🍔🌮🍣🍙🍚🍜

    • It really is and I love food too! And honestly you spend so much time eating especially if you're dating someone. So it's like if you can't even enjoy food with your SO what are you to do...

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    • I guess it just sucks cause we've been dating for 6 months and like it just hadn't become an issue until recently since we're been long distance. So I hadn't really noticed it enough in the start.

    • Thats unfortunate but it doesn't matter how much time you've spent together. Its a sunk cost and you just have to do what is right for you now.

  • Poor guy was probably only fed carbs as a kid (lazy parents?). If he doesn't like meat most places, including sushi and kbbq, have a vegetarian or alternative option. It shouldn't stop you going to places you like.


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  • Lol keep going to the places you like and leave him to eat his dry food. This would annoy the hell out of me. I have a friend who is a picky eater however she has improved over the years.


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